UX of the Article Progress Bar on The Daily Beast Website

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My wife showed this one to me today. While viewing and scrolling through the page, pay attention to what is happening in the "READ THIS.list" box on the right. Not only does it show which article you're on using a simple scrollspy indicator but it also tracks how far into the article you are using a gray indicator just behind the list item. This is a very interesting way of handling the navigation of large amounts of related content. It certainly adds to the user experience and is quite clever.

Now, some folks commented Reddit that this sort of feature just adds bloat and, while they might have a point, it's still a very clever and useful feature nonetheless. I think all The Daily Beast would need to do is find ways to optimize their scripts to cut down on the size and number of scripts loaded. I also agree with one commenter that features like this can definitely impact performance. For extremely busy pages with lots of features and scripts being loaded, I'm not sure if adding a feature like this is wise. Granted, this page loads and performs well for me...but what about others who don't have computers as fast as mine? Will they receive the same user experience?

This is a good example of how problems related to large amounts of content can be solved. However, it also reveals issues related to how bloated code can impact performance as well.