The Surprisingly Large Cost of Telling Small Lies

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This New York Time article landed in my news feeds at a very unusual time. I don't think the timing could have been more perfect. Let's just say that some recent business dealing didn't turn out as rosy as I would have liked. I think the problem was exactly what this article talks about: a lack of honesty does nothing but ruin a good business relationship.


Mobile Devices to Boost US Holiday Ecommerce Sales Growth

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According to eMarketer, mobile devices are expected to take up a 16% share of the total US retail ecommerce sales this holiday season. Man, that is freakin' huge! Basically boils down to this: If you're selling stuff online and aren't making it easy for customers to buy your stuff through their mobile devices then your sales wil be 16% lower than they could be. This is one of the big reasons why responsive web design is so important. You just don't know when, where, or how people will engage your websites. This is especially true for ecommerce sites...or mcommerce for that matter.


GhostLab: Bringing love back to website testing

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GhostLab Client

Every now and then a tool gets released that completely blows me away; something so useful that I just had to buy it immediately. Today, that tool is GhostLab. GhostLab is a simple Mac application that makes synchronized testing for websites easy. If you're on a Mac and you're a web developer, this is one of those apps that you have to take a look at.


AngularJS and HTML Validation

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So I've started learning more about AngularJS. However, one thing about AngularJS has continued to bug the hell out of me. It has to do with all those 'ng-' attributes that riddle your HTML and make the code invalid. Not that tag attributes are bad per se. It's just that an attribute with a 'ng-' prefix isn't consider least not yet. So the question becomes: How do I make my HTML valid with AngularJS? 


Digital Marketers All Got This Thing Wrong About ROI

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Some very good insights on how ROI relates to the way people use the web. Even when we're building web applications and sites, we need to think about how we can relate unmeasurable things like UX practices with marketing expectations. After all, when, where, and how people engage your applications and sites will indeed have a direct impact on the success of that site/application.


MODX CMS: Developer Freedom?

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Those who know me know that I've been a long time MODX supporter. Hell, I was there from the beginning when the project was forked from Etomite. Since then, I had the pleasure of working for the folks who founded the project for the better part of four years. Eventually, MODX went LLC and was on its way to becoming a full fledged open-source startup. But after four years, I realized it was time to move on, to learn some new things, challenge myself, and expand my career.